Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A Resolution to Losing Blog Weight

Going on a blog posting diet, featuring dramatic verbiage portion control and 75% fewer adjectives/adverbs.

To wit:

Rode the 53 Isleta bus last night for the first time in months. It was fine, but we gotta lose those cell phones on public transportation. Must lose cell phones. Funniest non-cell phone line of the night:

"Yeah I thought I was over my cold so I went ahead and drank last night, Black Velvet and did I get sick, throwing up and shit. Didn't even get drunk, uh, didn't get buzzed, just threw up like crazy, man. Black Velvet and coke. I guess I still have this cold."

And speaking of the word "shit", I am so proud of our local paper of record (yeah, you probably gotta pay for this shit). It's got the "s" word in it, man! Something about those Mobile Home Aryan Nation bomb-storehouse bandit suspects "'doing some crazy shit'" according to an informant. No shit. Okay, I'm being infantile, but this is the first time I remember the Journal rolling that way. Okay, now I'm being infantile and using faux hip lingo. And using excessive adjectives.

But hey, a blog entry in under 750 words. I feel good, I tell ya! I gotta go weigh myself right this second.

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Anonymous said...

John Fleck says -

I was amused enough to pursue brief research on this question. The "s" word has appeared just one other time this year in a locally-written Journal story. It was in a Bill Clinton quote.