Tuesday, December 06, 2005

For Those Scoring At Home

At this point in the Anthony "Ace" Trujillo episode a few observations can be made:

1. Never go to Catron County, New Mexico
2. Did you like some folks look at that story and say, "Hunting? I don't like hunting. Drunk coked-up seat-belt-less guys driving with open containers is one thing, but hunting?"
3. The sordidness rating of this event relative to APS dirt in recent years is tough, and I need your help, but right now I have it:

Sordo-Rating 99 (of 100): Joey Vigil, his old-time homeboys, a case or two of beer, a country road and a flipped-over car in the middle of the night. Plus Joey gets extra points for being an Assistant Superintendent.

SR 95: Ace Trujillo

SR93: Brad Allison gets liquored and pilled-up and writes emails to Board Member whose name escapes me (and seriously, is that surprising given that Board Members are utterly unmemorable, except for absolutely insane guy Robert Lucero...oh and Mary Lee Martin who is obviously not from this planet and just missed the ship back, ala ET).

SR88: Michael Vigil gets a DUI and because of it several aspects of APS budgeting get frozen, including the purchase of Social Studies textbooks at my school.

But then again...it's all about the kids. Definitely.

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