Thursday, December 29, 2005

Demonic Children and Other Political Realities

As avid readers of this blog know, and yes I am laughing while typing "avid readers", I am still figuring out who I'm likely to support in the 2008 Presidential race. I can, however, tell you my least favorite candidate this go round. Least favorite to the point that prolonged staring at the creepy photo above from his web page irrevocably convinces me that the demonically smiling kid in red is in fact Damian from The Omen.

You can find out more of Sam Brownback's delusional view of himself, and/or find out what a scumbag he is at Anybody But Brownback. Gotta love the photo of that dog. You might remember Brownback was discussed at some length in Thomas Frank's What's the Matter With Kansas, a book worth a re-read these days.

And to respond to an earlier comment, yes I am meditatively chanting the word "Feingold" whenever possible. No nirvanic bliss yet, but I've noticed I'm listening to a ton of Wagner these days. No idea why.

Meanwhile, in more relevantly proximate electoral news, can one of my many "avid readers" convince me to get excited about Patricia Madrid? And no, saying "she can win" isn't what I'm looking for. What's her actual position on getting out of Iraq, for instance? I see that Madrid is scheduled to have a Q&A at the January 5th Democracy for New Mexico monthly meeting. Despite my strong hermitical (new word?) proclivity, I think I'll actually leave the endless web surf to attend. I'll be the scraggly dopey looking guy covering his ears when the stupid questions start.

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