Sunday, December 04, 2005

Breaking, Developing News Blog-Style

A blog without comments is an even more self-indulgent exercise in navel-gazing.

So, the lint in my navel this morning reveals:

  • That I am now legally blind from trying to see the score in the Lobo-Aggie basketball game during the Channel 13 telecast last night. I must need color guy Nelson Franz' special 3-D glasses to make out those scores.
  • That as someone who spent much of their Saturday night alone watching the Lobo-Aggie basketball game, I am now in the running for the Nobel Prize for Pathetically Boring. To enhance my chances, the Nobel committee likes to see a candidate spread pathetic boredom worldwide. Please consider this blog entry in your decision-making, o' Nobel Committee.
  • That Nelson Franz might need a new publicist...try as I might I can' t find a picture of him on Google, the KRQE 13 website, Smoking Gun, "", nothing.
  • That if you ever want to confirm your total irrelevance to our world, start a blog and put a site counter on it. Yes, in an act of both statistical geekiness and pathetic boredom I put such a counter on this site a couple of weeks ago. Some things are just better not known. Well, many things are better not known, but especially that the only people who read this page seem to be bot machines in Advance, North Carolina and some town in Malaysia.
  • That I'm still working on some Malaysian humor to stick in here....gotta match material to audience...but I do have something....
  • That it seems to me that Advance, North Carolina is an oxymoron.
  • That yes, I am appearing semi-regularly on this blog, remember to tip your waitresses.
  • That while my blog is utterly pathetic, Greg Peretti's hourly XBOX shortage update blog is harder to look at that Larry David on "Curb Your Enthusiasm". I mean I'm sure they're nice guys, but how much banal navel-gazing on meaningless subjects can you take?
  • Don't answer that.

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