Sunday, December 04, 2005

Why Satire Is Pointless

Case #1765545-5A: Highland H.S. Principal Anthony "Ace" Trujillo was busted in Catron County this weekend with cocaine, straws, an open alcohol container and a few rifles from his party Elk-hunting weekend out in the sticks. He evidently tried to hide the bag of cocaine in his mouth as the officer approached.

Seriously people, what's the point of being satirical? Damn unfiltered reality always does so much more than satire can come up with. Combining "Ace" with the litany of Brad Allison, Joey Vigil & Michael Vigil shows that APS administrators provide better and longer laughs than every "humor" website established since the creation of ARPAnet combined.

Oh...the only cheesy "news" I can add to that above is that a teacher buddy tells me Highland H.S. is having an "emergency staff meeting" tomorrow morning. I guess they won't be offering the complimentary mimosas this time around.

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Scribblista said...

You're right. There's no point being satirical anymore. Jon Stewart just reads the news with a straight-face, and it makes for hilarious comedy. Probably not a good sign.