Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Goats and Public Transportation: An Interlude

Slow time for the blog (i.e., Jenga!) between a hectic last week before Winter Break and my decision to become a Commuter Rail Mass Transit Expert (CRMTE) in the wake of the Rail Runner discussion. Spending way too much time at the American Public Tranportation Association and State/local sites such as this one in Rhode Island. Hey, it beats constant paper grading to compare energy source-types on a megajoule per passenger kilometer basis, etc. I'll have a definitive word on whether Rail Runner is the stuipidest idea of all time in the next few days. I just wish Big Bill and the rest would wait on my definitive, unarguable decisions in these matters before spending the money. Of course, I'm not in a hurry to run for President.

Oh, and while we're stalling here's a picture of our goat. There's been some call for more goat pics...consider it the equivalent of a "Bird Blogging Sunday" at DemocracyforNewMexico.

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barb said...

Love your goat! Does he/she have a name? And thanks for plug. Bosco applauds you.