Saturday, January 13, 2007

Mother Nature Update

A growing feeling of near-unlimited power was sweeping over me the last 36 hours or so, as it appeared my previous post asking Mother Nature to go ixsnay on the oisturemay was getting results in the Burque metro area. Outside of a few sprinkles, no new precipitation, just growing lakes of melted snow. And all I did was ask...

Then I threw my back out chasing after a goat this morning. As regular readers know, we have two goats on our fringeurban excuse of a "farm". Petunia, the , uh, ur, obese white goat that serves as mascot for this blog, and Hershey, the spry skinny chocolate-brown animal that serves as comic relief with its energetic head-flopping joyful skips at feeding time.

This morning, I decide to grab Hershey and swing her out of a stall, and I hear this little popping sound at the base of my spine. Feelings of almost-unlimited power seeping away. I stagger painfully amid the growing lakes of melted snow back to the house, and fall helplessly into my computer chair.

I may be in this chair for a while.

Just when you're feeling omnipotent, forces conspire to knock ya on your ass. It's just like that Icarus thing with the wax wings and all, but with goats and lower back problems.

Well, it was a nice feeling while it lasted. And now I notice a few sprinkles hitting the nearby window as I sit trapped in this chair. I really wish those Greeks hadn't invented that whole "hubris" concept....

P.S.: Oh yeah, I keep forgetting this is supposed to be an "education blog" now. Did you see that TV news story on the leaky roofs at Del Norte HS and how repairs will cost $2.5 million? $2.5 million. And that's one school. I noticed a Journal story a few days back with a short list of other schools with roof problems and repair costs estimated in the tens of thousands of dollars, but I'm still guessing the overall APS bill from the storm will eventually be revealed as a staggering sum. One of those continuing stories where the amount keeps climbing, emergency funds are exhausted, multiple levels of government become involved and someone ends up being convicted of embezzling a huge wad of cash from the newly created repair accounts.

Just a hunch.

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Natalie said...

Yes, I saw that article. It was also brought up at the Board of Education meeting the other night. That and several other absolutely dismal situations (some not even created by the snow but certainly exaserbated by it) that had parents and educators pleading with the board to actually DO something about it. I believe they have a budget meeting coming up in the next week or two and have supposedly been working on the emergency budget. The weird thing is... I can't find the APS 2006/2007 budget anywhere. I can see last year's on the APS website but can't find anything else. Weird.
About this weather: I keep asking, "Where's the beef?"
Now I get it; you did that.
Hey, thanks!
In the case of Spring Storms, I'm coming to you, Swami.