Wednesday, January 17, 2007

NM Legislature '07: An Early Suggestion and Art Critique

Two quick things as I am able to briefly sit between back spasms at my anti-ergonomic computer chair:

1. I've had a chance to only glance at some of the numbers being thrown around for education in this year's NM Legislative session. It's too early in the 60 days and we're seeing a bewildering number of proposals/dollars, so I'll make it simple at this point: hand every K-12 teacher in New Mexico a briefcase full of non-consecutive $100 bills and nobody gets hurt. And not one of those skinny, ultra-stylish ones. A fat one, with gold light that shines out of it like in "Pulp Fiction". We teachers will take it from there.

2. Below is a promotional graphic from the anti-cockfighting lobby group "":

Click on the picture to see the larger version. Is it just me or is this one of the lamest graphics/ad campaigns ever? I'm all for stopping cockfighting, but I've seen 6th grade "arts & crafts" class clay ashtrays that were more skillfully done.

As anyone who reads this blog can quickly discern, I have the visual aesthetics sensibility of a color-blind goat farmer. I can go months existing in a room and not even notice what objects have been on the walls the entire time. Yet, even I can tell there is somewhere wrong here. Maybe it's the baby-puke yellow. Or the beyond-crudely drawn chickens with ill-chosen names.

And didn't the creators of "" realize that one can easily think the organization is "will the fight goon?" and believe the site has something to do with an unfinished comment about hockey fight goons? Will the fight goon get five minutes for fighting? Will the fight goon get a fine from the NHL for that brutal crosscheck against the Habs last Tuesday?

Okay, time to get out of the anti-ergonomic computer chair and down another year's supply of ibuprofen. Just thinking about a crosscheck puts my back into spasm at this point.

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