Monday, January 29, 2007

Playing Catch-Up With the News

A few things I missed during my back-tooth-influenza "perfect storm o' ailments" period last week (actually these three things still persist, but I don't want to talk about it anymore).

Robert Vigil: 37 months in the federal pokey for the ex-State Treasurer. Not quite the sentence I had in mind (placed in a 6 foot paper bag from Quarters' BBQ next to a side of potato salad for five years), but enough to make several folks happy, including giddy lead prosecutor Jonathan Gerson. Gerson and Co. get to save some face, and that small band of blog readers who constantly search for Vigil stories are probably stoked. For some reason, Vigil seems to have reached a low form of Internet cult status. I can't speak for other bloggers, but the number of Vigil "hits" from obscure points around the world is remarkably high.

Bill Richardson: Is still running for President. In other breaking news: hockey is violent, Jews and Palestinians are having conflicts, and whiskey costs money.

CNM (really it's still TVI) Board Elections: Yes, CNM really is having Board Elections. Why? I don' t know. Maybe Marty Chavez could practice up for taking over the APS Board with a few appointments to the CNM Board. What could it hurt? What on Earth do these people do besides decide to change the school's name from time to time? The Trib has this cool video page up with interviews of the APS & CNM Board candidates. It's like YouTube, but even more boring than the real YouTube. Check them out just for the YouTube quality two-camera shoot approach used with Robert Lucero. Tell me Lucero doesn't look just like Sterling Hayden in "Dr. Strangelove" with that low camera-angle look. Stick a cigar in his mouth and Lucero IS a delusional psychopath intent on destroying the world. Well, maybe you don't need to cigar for that.

The New Mexico Legislature: Yes, they are technically in session. No, they haven't done anything over the first two weeks. Yes, they are only working four-day weeks. No, one shouldn't infer from working four-day weeks that there isn't a concerted effort for the Legislature to do as little as possible. Yes, the Ledge still has a "Capital Outlay Request Form" webpage...all you need is your Legislator's signature. No, Legislators haven't done a thing regarding my proposal that all NM teachers receive a briefcase full of $100 bills. Yes, I am serious about the proposal....I understand the bills need to be non-consecutive (at least that's what the bank robbers in the movies tell me).

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Natalie said...

I was driving down Montano today and was suddenly confronted with a big ol' neon mug shot of Lucero on that rolling, electronic billboard. Not only did I think it looked freaky but I wondered how he could afford it.
I thought he looked more like Moe from either Pepboys or The Three Stooges.
Not a flattering look either way.
Despite this, I'm still voting for him as the alternative is even scarier. IMHO.
And about that Quarter's BBQ: the secret's in the sauce. I think it's hog boilin' time.