Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Twenty-Three Days...Do I Hear Twenty-Three, Twenty-Three!

sold Burquean!

If I can just add anything to Superintendent Everitt's comments regarding the District decision to extend school closings to next Monday, the 8th, it would just be this....

"on behalf of APS we'd like to extend our sympathies to all parents who will now have to put up with their increasingly bothersome children for another four continuous days. The District has teamed up with makers of anti-depressant drugs and liquor bottling companies to make helicopter drops of both products to stranded parents over the next few days."

Yes the extend-o-closing is embarrassing. But, reporting now from my school (yes, I'm blogging from work..something I never do...but then again, we're not working), I can state I nearly fell on my ass about five times getting in the door, and we have our skeletal custodial staff about 50 sq. ft. into the roughly 125,000 sq. ft. scraping job required to keep from having a Nurses' Office full of head trauma cases upon student return.

Btw, we at APS have one smoking fast Internet connection when school isn't in session.

So what to do now? Good question. You parents out there have the helicopter drops to look forward to, but we childless teacher-types have big questions to ask ourselves about the next few days. Questions like: "should I take my nap today at 3:30 or 4:30?"


Jess Bess said...

Well... I loved it so much that I put it on my blog... "Courtesy of Scot Key"

Way to make me laugh in time of need, Scot.

Hope you're doing well, Happy Holidaze.

Jess Bess

ps-if you read any of my previous entries... I beg your pardon for some of the language.

Natalie said...

Twenty -gulp- three days.
Hey, I have an idea: let's send the kids to school and let them shovel/salt the sidewalks! It'll wear 'em out and they can earn extra points for their test scores.
Whaddaya think?
I really want to say "You Suck" but actually you don't and I like you... so, I'm just gonna say, "This Sucks" and let it go at that... I'll take a nap next week.
Both of my aunts and my grandmother are teachers so, I know... I know...
Enjoy your time off and that smokin' fast internet connection.
So, we might possibly get more snow on Friday/Saturday. Want to make a wager? I bet ya'll go back on Tuesday.
Does this mean school will remain in session through the month of June?
HA! What am I thinkin'?
*looks to the sky for emergency meds*