Monday, January 01, 2007

Next, PNM Will Invite You To Join Their Google Talk

I spend too much time on the Internet. I falsely believe the Internet is capable of solving almost any problem. The Internet is my cigarette, the first thing I run to on most mornings, and too often the last thing I see before I go to sleep. We have four computers in our house now...and two people.

But there are limits.

Such as yesterday, when I noticed that PNM had set up an email address for people to report power outages. I saw this on Channel 4's "Breaking News" crawl interspersed with whiplash closed/open Interstate status statements.

My first response was "boy, that's stupid", but then, infused with renascent love and understanding for mankind, I thought "what about laptops? They can run on batteries". Then my musings turned to routers, and my inner voice saying "boy, that's stupid" returned anew.

Sometime later, actually about ten seconds ago, I reasoned that if you have DSL and plug your laptop in directly via a Cat-5 jumper you could fire off an email to PNM after all. I think...I've never had DSL.

All of which just adds fuel to my original point. I spend too much time on the Internet. I have spent significant time pondering emergency Internet access possibilities, even when my power wasn't out and I had no need for such crisis plan implementation.

I am so addicted that it didn't cross my mind to think "boy, that's stupid" for the simple reason that this power outage solution was being presented on TV. Electronic television. As in using electricity. That fact seriously never occurred to me until right now. Man, that's funny. I'm like the guy who laughs at the joke seven seconds after it's told.

And it's all because of this pesky Internet. I see references to "email" and my brain latches on like lamprey to sharks. Maybe that should be my "New Year's Resolution". No internet.


Nah, can't do it. Stupid idea and forget I brought it up. I gotta go check my email now.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Scot - you are right! Don't beat yourself up! Don't forget that they'd have to have power to have seen the PNM e-mail address on TV in order to send the e-mail, even if they could have done that part without power. I had the same thoughts, believe me.