Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Open Letter to Big Momma From Certain NM Residents

Dear Mother Nature:

We, the undersigned have leaky roofs due to that lovely snowfall you orchestrated a couple of weeks ago. We are thankful for the beauty of the snow and the badly needed precipitation, but we now hear of another storm bringing more moisture, moisture that will very possibly end up on the floor of our kitchens, bathrooms and workspaces.

We, the undersigned, acknowledge that we can't seem to make up our minds because we've been begging you for precipitation for years now. But do you think you could give us a miss this go-round?

Or how about this? You figure out a way to form storm clouds three feet above the ground (below roof level) and you can have it rain/snow all you want. Manufacture the deluge/blizzard of your Winter dreams. Knock yourself out. No problem, and no complaints from us. Honest.

As mentioned above, we're really sorry to throw these nitpicky special requests at you, but we're all just sitting here tonight looking at weather forecasts and radar websites while counting up how many buckets, pots and pans we have around the house to catch invading plops of water. A little understanding and mojo on your end would be ever so nice. So nice we promise we'll be more careful and stop invading your creative space with all this global warming stuff.



Owners of Flat-Roof Houses Throughout Central and Northern New Mexico

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Natalie said...

It looks like you may get your request answered... even with all of the brouhaha from the weather people, this one looks like a bust. I hope so for the sake of your roof.