Sunday, January 21, 2007

Reflection Upon The Growing Number of Presidential Candidates

Like some old girlfriend who you kicked out of the house but keeps calling from the homeless shelter that "you're all that I've got", Americans are faced with another batch of folks who want us to care that they are running for President. President in 2009. Taking office in January, 2009, almost exactly two years from now.

Well, I say to these candidates: go away.

I will care about the 2008 Presidential race when I am good and well ready. I will care about the 2008 Presidential race when it suits me. I will care about the 2008 Presidential race in...uh, 2008 maybe?

The State of Nevada has scheduled a series of 2008 race "forums" starting on February 21st. No, not February 21st, 2008. Next month. 30 days from now. I urge, implore and scream in an almost inaudibly high-pitched voice that everyone ignore these Nevada "forums". Prove to the media and campaigns that it is possible to care about things political without having to wrap an election into it. Prove that issues matter more than the sycophantic, swarmy egocentric glorified yahoos that want us to replace our complex preferences with a simplistic choice between tweedledee and tweedledum.

And don't even get me started on "Iowa" and "New Hampshire". Don't...I'm warning you.


P.S.: I checked out various possible Richardson for President websites, and it's "". The site has a richly orchestrated video about the "New Mexico Comeback". Basically, Richardson is selling himself by crowing about how awful and terrible New Mexico was before he became Governor. Third-world kinda awful and terrible. Thank Bejeezus for Bill, we were all living in cardboard boxes and eating bugs and pine needles before he came along.

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