Sunday, January 28, 2007

Today in Your ABQ Journal...

We all give the Journal a hard time, but this morning Toby Smith has a rollicking good read about a couple of folks bilking out-of-state hunter wannabes out of tons of money in little 'ol Glenwood. That the scam artists were women only adds to the allure. In fact, the story is so good that I bet 1/2 of those reading it immediately start thinking about turning it into a book and/or movie. Hopefully, Mr. Smith is one of those folks.

Smith's story was not the only worthwhile thing in today's "fishwrap". Amy Miller has a profile of APS Board candidate Charles MacQuigg. Ms. Miller's story has the unfortunate headline "Hopeful an APS Board Critic", missing Miller's attention to MacQuigg's litigious nature during his spotty career as a APS shop teacher. I'll have more on Mr. Macquigg later this week, after I get to check out that candidate's forum at Highland HS on Tuesday.

Lastly, anyone accusing the Journal of being anti-Richardson should be forced at gunpoint to read the entire "It's Official: Richardson is in..." series. Okay, that's a harsh penalty, Eight Amendment to the Constitution and all that. What overkill, what a waste of newspaper space, what the Hell?

I'll be the first to admit I haven't read more than about ten words of the mondo-package o' stories, but couldn't Journal honchos have spent a little less time/money/space pumping out "Richardson has a mole on his butt" copy, and more on those hunter defrauding women in Glenwood?


michelle meaders said...

Thanks for covering these local issues that seem to be ignored elsewhere. I know it's hard to concentrate while in pain. But a few teeny corrections:
The one-sided story on Ched MacQuigg in the Journal was on Saturday, not Sunday. And the last candidate forum this week is on Wednesday, not Tuesday:

Highland High School
SCHOOL BOARD CANDIDATES FORUM in LECTURE HALL January 31, 2007 6:30-8:30[pm]
4700 Coal Avenue SE
Albuquerque, NM 87108
(505) 265-3711 (Phone)

The school said the Lecture Hall is south of the main building, and connected to the Band Building. Also that people can park on Jefferson, or in the staff parking lot north of the main building (S. of Coal) and walk around. (Other parking lots will be locked.)

Ched MacQuigg said...

forgive me, but I cannot get over my upset.

Amy Miller's profile is not in fact a profile in any ethical sense of that word. What it actually is, is called proof prima facie.

"MacQuigg's litigious nature"
every complaint that I ever filed began with the words. "I demand a principled resolution of this complaint" In truth, principled resolution is fundamentally and diametrically opposite to "litigation".

"It is contrary to anything that I have ever advocated publicly or privately.

"his spotty career as a APS shop teacher." I stand proudly on my record and hold myself absolutely accountable, if ever I ever up short.

" after I get to check out" speaks for itself.

I look forward to defending the rights stakeholders to participate in decisions that affect them;
by a process that is absolutely transparent
and under which public servants can be held honestly accountable to a meaningful standard of conduct;

without having to get all litigious".

Some may want, or need, to talk about something else instead.

I am not one.

frannyzoo said...

Michelle: Thanks for the needed corrections. Burque Babble is obviously in need of a fact checker. In my lame defense I will say that I only read the Journal online, and don't really know upon which hard copy edition a certain story hits. As for the Board forum, I can only claim percocet.

Mr. Macquigg: I'm having a bit of trouble understanding your comment, but will just show up at the Forum (which is the 31st and not the 30th, btw) and go from there.