Monday, January 08, 2007

Writing About What You Know, Or At Least Get Paid For

Not that you should write this down, consider the long-term historical implications or even care, but I'm playing around with narrowing the heretofore unfocused focus of Burque Babble into that of a K-12 education blog. No, I don't know exactly what that means, either.

You may have noticed the change in the blog subtitle from something about blind newspapers to some unfunny slogan with the word "education" in it. Then there's the six or so posts in a row about the whole edumucatin' the Youth O' America thing.

I've been very hesitant in the past to write much about my profession because it always felt like a doctor watching "ER" or something. Too much like work. Still, it would be nice to actually know at least a little on the subject of which I write, and maybe on that very, very rare occasion I might actually have some sliver of insight that a non-teacher reader may find of some passing interest. Besides, I'm still sick of politics at this point.

That's the plan, anyway, for now. I, of course, reserve the right to pontificate on other subjects, including the endless myriad topics I know nothing about, a fact which has stopped me not at all in the past.

In closing, I somehow get the feeling I should sign this as some sort of "Declaration of Principles" like Charles Foster Kane...but it's far, far less important than that, and besides, Charles Foster Kane didn't live up to the Principles anyway. Oh...and I won't stop making old movie references. I often wish I could, but it's an affliction I seem unable to treat, regardless of blog subject.

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